Cape Cod Fishing Report – September 24, 2015

Paul Marshall caught this beautiful false albacore in Lewis Bay this week.

Paul Marshall caught this beautiful false albacore in Lewis Bay this week.

Large schools of peanut bunker are all over Cape Cod, more than most fishermen can ever imagine, and the fish are taking notice.

One of the coolest parts of the fall run is seeing multiple species of gamefish mix together and blitz on the big schools of baitfish. That’s what happened in the Cape Cod Canal this week. Stripers, blues, and albies chased schools of peanut bunker from the Herring Run to the Maritime Academy this week. Most of the stripers were schoolie-sized, but provided plenty of fun as they hit small swimming plugs, poppers, bucktail jigs and soft plastics. The bluefish were caught on the same lures, but the albies proved a little more difficult to fool. A few were caught reported AJ at Red Top Sporting goods, who saw one angler catch an albie on a popper. Small, slim metal lures are usually the best bet for albies, and lures that cast well, like the Daddy Mac albie jig, are preferred by shore fishermen.

AJ also reported some tog being caught in the Canal. As water temperatures cool, tog activity should pick up in the Canal and in Buzzards Bay. AJ said Red Top will begin stocking green crabs again next week.

Cape Cod Bay was quiet this week. Some schoolies were taken by shore fishermen on small swimming plugs, but despite plenty of bait, the action was few and far between.

Striper activity continues to pick up on the South Side. Keeper sized fish came from Cotuit and Popponesset this week reported Jeff at Forestdale Bait and Tackle. The bays are loaded with bait, Bill from Sports Port said, and as water temperatures continue to cool, more stripers will be moving through the sounds.

Some bigger blues are showing up on the South Side beaches. The blues have been chopping up soft plastics cast for stripers. Schools of adult menhaden in some of the harbors should also attract large bluefish in the coming weeks, predicted Jeff at Forestdale.

Albies are still popping up off the South Side, but there weren’t as many reports this week. The Hooter, however, is loaded with funny fish reported Bill at Sports Port. Elise from the Sports Port was out there this week and landed 9 bonito and twice as many albies while trolling.

Fishing on the Outer Cape and around Race Point has been slow reported Rich at Nelson’s Bait and Tackle. Some bluefish were showing up at high tide, but the recent northeast winds have blown in some cold water and put an end to that. There are some mackerel around, Rich said, as well as giant tuna. The giants, Rich said, are being caught off the backside.

The tuna bite east of Chatham picked up as the northeast winds whipped up the water. Captain John of Fish Chatham charters went 5 for 5 trolling up bluefin on Wednesday. The last fish fell victim to a mako shark.

Another shark was taken on the tuna grounds this week. Captain Bobby Rice topped off a great day of tuna fishing with a thresher shark.

Fishing on the Vineyard is hot. Bass fishing improved this week, with a new shore leader in the Derby, an impressive 38-pounder. Big bluefish, some as large as 16 pounds, are also trickling in Coop said. Albie fishing is steady. Edgartown is producing albies from shore on a daily basis, and Menemsha has been good as well.

Best Bets for the Weekend

Don’t miss StriperFest this weekend at Marina Park in Falmouth. The festivities kick off at noon with live music, hot food, cold beer, fishing gear and games. Before the event, boat fishing around the Vineyard or shore fishing in the Canal might be your best bet. Be sure to pack plenty of peanut bunker imitations.


  1. Ronson P Holdswelling III

    Sometimes I like this report for what they don’t say as much as what they tell you. 😉 Good job guys!

  2. Eddie P

    I’m on a mission still. I WILL catch my first funny fish. Been trying, but not successful from shore.
    But again, I will make my long ass walk this weekend. I will pass out trash bags to the familys of slobs as i pass them by. Weather they speak English or not, they WILL get the point, that im done with there BS of leaving there garbage all over the place. Leaving it for someone else to clean up. If you cant respect the area your fishing, STAY THE F HOME !!!!! No one wants you or your family poaching our fish. Let them grow to legal lengths. “AKA, bring a tape measure or ruler.” Polluting our waters and trashing our beaches is unacceptable, and i will let you know it.
    Jus because you do it in front of your apartments or homes, doesn’t mean you can destroy our coast line also.
    Ok, im done lol. Now i’ve gotton this off my mind, Happy Fishing to all…
    I’m off to catch a funny fish

    • TS

      Drove around a boat of guys anchored bottom fishing for tog, I assume. As they struggled with their anchor I saw their bags of bait drifting away from their stern.

      I snatched the bags out of the water and drove alongside, “you lost your bait, want it back?” he gestured for me to toss it to him and I did. They got their anchor free and motored off, and threw the same two bags back in the water.

    • Ronson P Holdswelling III

      Good luck Eddie P. With that attitude you deserve a funny or 5. Learn them slobs good…

    • JR

      Eddie, I know your gripe and feel your emotions.
      My best tip for albies is to tie direct to mainline with a albrite knot and a light fluorocarbon leader, 20lb test is as high as i’ll go. have the leader be as long as is manageable, 6 feet is good. I have also found Deadly Dicks to be reliable,and also I have had good luck with Shimano Wax Wings. Tie these direct to floro with no hardware with a anglers knot or similar knot for best action. Bonito and Albies have very Keen eyesight. This tip has helped me land several Albies this year. There’s plenty to go around with a little help.
      Good Luck !!

    • Stephen

      You took the words right out of my mouth. I believe if you take care of the earth the earth will take care of you. I caught 4 bonito a month ago off my kayak and I’m constantly picking up after these slobs. If you see anyone taking fish that are not legal size you can call the environmental police. They have a 24 hour dispatch I was told.

  3. Fish wish

    MMA on fire Thursday at the turn of the west tide mostly bass some albies
    Anything white and small will catch fish

  4. Full Of Bull (Rick

    Hats off to Eddie P and TS. The truth is the creator gave us this earth and the oceans and the fish in them and we only have a small window of time to enjoy catching them, preparing them, and eating them. There is no Fisherman’s heaven for picking up that trash and handing out trash bags and the truth is also people are unconscious about taking care of the earth and all of its treasures. Its like playing a football game against every A….hole who doesn’t get it or even care. But remember one thing a good offense wins game but a good defense wins championships. You can catch a few nice fish but teach your children well by your example and maybe the next generations will become a little more conscious by your example. All we have is each other to cheer each other on. I’m routing for you guys and I always pick up trash every time I fish. That is my way of thanking mother earth for allowing me to go fishing. Do it for our mother not for those ignorant unconscious A….holes who haven’t woken up yet. Keep talking to them but it must be with kindness or they won’t ever respond positively. Because I really respect and love you guys and everyone who really cares about our earth and the fishing in the future here is my best fishing advice to catch and release the big female egg layers and eat only one. Cape Cod Canal, at the mussel bed, pole 195-215 , called “The Cribbin”, with a live eel casting into the rip up river so it sinks while moving with the water. My sons and I have caught the biggest and most stripers on slack tide , turning east not west, going from low tide to high tide. Look for the birds standing on the shore and if they are waiting for the tide to turn and don’t want to give up their territory. Wear water shoes or sneakers or waders so you can step into the water and get some footing under you to fight a big fish. I also use a small twist on rubber core sinker to get the eel down quicker with 50 lb fluorocarbon leader on 25 – 30 lb test mono or braid. If they are there you will need at least 200 yards of line but 250 + is better. Don’t force the fish when she picks it up. Let her run against your drag set before you cast. Don’ panic if she takes over 100 yds of line but thumb the spool a little to add pressure gently til she stops then get back some line, she may run out 2-3 more times but if you are patient and keep your wits, mother earth will bless you and then you have to decide, what to do, knowing that keeping that fish is taking millions of infant stripers out of the ocean and say a prayer to the thanking them for that fish, your own life, and keep picking up that trash and talking to the A…holes until they too wake up. A few years ago ON THE WATER posted a couple of pictures of my oldest son and I on the canal from one night of fishing. Our 2 keepers that we ate were 49 and 47 inch 40 pounders. We caught 26 stripers over 2 hours none less than 34 inches and it stopped like waking from a dream. There were 30-40 pounders 10 feet from shore taking the eels going sideways with the tide. My biggest canal striper was 53 inches and it weighed 47 lb 6 hours after I caught her and ate her. I do have pics and won the Trask Tackle Fishing tournament that year. I started picking up trash and learning more about mother earth and Native Cherokee culture quite a while ago but I have so much more to learn from my vegetable garden and the wild birds in my yard. Thank you for caring about my mother and may the Great Father Spirit bless you guys and others who follow the pickup rule about picking up more trash than you bring in. Remember let the fish run or she will go down into the rocks and the rocks were there before the fish, and before my garden, and before us, and before the great oceans. The rocks are our oldest elders and have claim over the canal even if we built it and put it there. Good Luck!! Now is the time to start fishing day and night

  5. Eddie P

    Thanks for the thumbs up n great tips. Greatly apreceated. Let’s just say, after four solid weekends of casting my butt off, and constant flipping out about ignorant people leaving their trash everywhere, a Loving Fiancé that gives me the thumbs up to go. My dream has finally come true. Woohoooo !!!! I finally was able to nail a funny fish. Not one, two, three or four. FIVE !!! Let me tell ya, I am one happy
    Pollok. Holy crap was that fun. Would of added the pics but I’m a computer dummy. Lol. I’m officially hooked. Look out funny funnies. I’m on to yas.

  6. Eddie P

    Yes you did. Lol. God willing, the winds won’t blow to hard, so i can get back out there this weekend. Need me some more…
    Awesome addiction.


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