Fishing CT Report – April 23, 2015

Seeforellen brown trout

The fishing has been excellent this week. From trout to striped bass, anglers have been hitting the water hard. The Valley Angler in Danbury reported the biggest story this week, a 34.7lb striped bass out of Candlewood lake of all places. An angler was reportedly in a bass tournament and hooked into this fish on a jerk bait. Hard to believe, right? Well, A lot of people are skeptical but its all being looked in to. If you want to have a better chance of catching some good stripers, I suggest hitting the lower reaches of our tidal rivers. The Housatonic has been fishing well lately. The CT river is blown out, guys have been apparently catching schoolies in flood zones. The Thames is seeing a lot of schoolies as well. Anglers have been finding success when fishing 5 to 9 inch soft plastics on 1/4oz to 3/4oz jig heads. We had a lot of rain early this week so the water is moving a bit. Heavier lead may be needed to maintain bottom contact. White, pink and black are productive colors and as always, the bigger fish are more willing to chew after dark. A few herring have shown up as well as some big schools of bunker. There has also been shad caught in the Windsor area. The river is a mess, though. So its gonna be rough for a little while.

Candlewood Lake Striper
A New Jersey angler simply known as Al and his striper supposedly from Candlewood lake. This fish is said to have been revived and released back into the lake.

Largemouth and smallmouth fishing has been great this past week. Tournaments are going on and some nice largemouth have come from Candlewood, Bantam, Silver lake, Ball pond and upper Moodus. Smallmouth fishing has been excellent on Candlewood with a few bass reported just under the 5lb mark. Other smallie reports came from Bantam, Highland and Lillinonah. Fish are really becoming active and are going to be moving in a bit more shallow in the next week or so. Swim baits, jerk baits and spinners baits are good choices when targeting bass right now. A lone walleye was reported from Squantz pond. Water temps are just about perfect so they’ll be schooling up now. Other than October, May offers some of the best walleye fishing so if you’re looking for eyes, the next few weeks will be a good time to plan a trip.
Trout fishing has been quite excellent in many lakes and ponds. Candlewood, Ball pond and Squantz pond have been giving up some good browns. The jumbo Seeforellen browns that were stocked last fall are still showing up with a 12.4lb fish from West Hill and another monster from Highland lake this past week. DEEP has also continued their stocking efforts in places like Crystal lake, Black Rock, Highland lake, Mashapaug and Birge pond. So theres been reports coming in from those places as well. Again, the rivers have been pushing from all the rain earlier this week and has made fishing a little difficult in some places.

Seeforellen brown trout
Alex Frechette with what could have been a new state record Seeforellen brown trout. But it was released to fight another day!

Some anglers are still getting on white perch in the flooded coves on the CT river. Good crappie action has been reported from Mamanasco and Hatch pond. You can find these fish a bit more shallow right now as they chase bait on flats and they are super aggressive! Some decent cats came from the CT river on chunk bait and carp fishermen have been getting on some good fish upwards of 30lbs. Our rivers like the Housatonic, CT and Shetucket hold some excellent carp. Now is the time to get on some fatties when they have all of that prespawn weight on them still.

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  1. Greg

    BIG Congrates to Alex Frechette on a stunning catch! !
    And more so for his catch & release !

    Catch of a Lifetime!

  2. KC

    how can we be getting fishing “reports” about Ball Pond? I thought the season opens at 6a.m. the 3rd Saturday of April??

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