Connecticut Angler Drops Sophomore Hip-Hop Album

Proving he’s no one-hit wonder, Milford, Connecticut based angler Mike Morazzini has released Droppin’ Lines, a follow-up to his 2009 album Angler Talk. Like his debut, Droppin’ Lines is a full-length hip-hop album completely and entirely about fishing.

Morazzini describes himself as an angler, science teacher (at Jonathan Law High School in Milford), father of two, and fishing hip hop artist. It’s clear that fishing is his primary passion, but also that music is more than just a side hobby. The album is professionally produced, with original beats and clever rhymes. You can check it out for yourself on iTunes and at

Morazzini’s musical influences start with his grandfather, Charlie Luth, who was part of a doo-wop group called the Academics in New Haven, Connecticut in the 1950s.

“When I was a kid I used to hang out with him and his friends and watch in awe as they sang live in his kitchen on weekends,” said Morazzini. “I fell in love with hip hop in high school and a few of my favorite artists are Lupe Fiasco, Asher Roth, and Talib Kweli, although I have many more.”

The result is a style that is clean, catchy, and energetic. He has a late 1990s flow that, at its best, is reminiscent of Big Pun, like on the intro track She’s Gone, when he describes his rigging as “usually using the unity of a heavy-duty uni-to-uni.” Even when the verses are a little less crafted, they never stray from the topic at hand – a love of, passion for, and addiction to fishing.

“My personal favorite track on the album is Addicted,” said Morazzini. “I gravitate to this track because it reminds me the most of my local area, my home waters growing up and living on Long Island Sound.  Driving the routes by my local beaches/favorite fishing spots, with rods in the car, on those picture-perfect overcast days when you know there are fish to be had on plugs.”

One of Morazinni’s main goals is to create music that is unique in its ability to attract young people and “city kids” who are more likely to listen to rap and hip hop, and get them excited about fishing.

“I have received some really good feedback on the album, and have had quite a few younger anglers ask to use certain tracks as music for their YouTube fishing clips,” said Morazzini. “One fan made a killer hookset compilation video of himself and others laying into some largemouth bass to the track Bomb Em.’  That was pretty cool.”

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Droppin’ Lines on iTunes

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    Great talent, that’s my grandson,your grandfather would be so proud!!!


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