Get Started: Pond Hopping

The Northeast is speckled with small ponds—you need only look at Google Earth to discover just how many fish-filled waters lie a short drive from your home. While accessing some of these ponds may take… Read more →

G. Loomis E6X Bass Rods

The new E6X rod series introduces anglers to what G. Loomis rod designers refer to a ‘swing-weight’, the proper rod balance needed when fishing ‘tip up’ techniques like pitching/flipping and casting tubes, jigs, soft plastic… Read more →

Underwater Videography 101

Aqua-Vu aficionado “Panfish Phil” shares secrets to recording sweet fishing footage. Most folks relive their angling adventures through pics, iPhone vids or mere fond memories. But for panfish junky Phil Laube, only real-life subsurface recordings… Read more →

Product Review: The TUHK Rule

Ice fishermen can use this handy invention to save their tip-up line and spools from nicks and abrasions that can cause frustrating break-offs when the big one finally comes calling. The Original “TUHK” (Tip-Up Hook… Read more →