OTW’s gift guide 2012

Issue: November/December 2012, By OTW Staff

On The Water's 2012 Angler's Gift Guide

Every holiday season, the OTW phone lines ring with calls from desperate gift-givers who have the good fortune of knowing someone who loves fishing.

As if calling in to a radio advice line, the caller describes the gift recipient’s affliction—what he (or she) fishes for, where and when he does it—and then waits for detailed descriptions of exactly what to buy and where to buy it.

The fishermen unwrapping those gifts are the lucky ones. Every holiday season, there are also thousands of fishermen (including a few here at On The Water), who receive gifts from well-meaning but non- fishing family and friends. These fishermen receive button-down shirts covered with dancing trout, goldfish desk lamps, and multiple copies of the same John Gierach book.

That’s why we came up with the idea of putting together an annual Angler’s Gift Guide. We started by asking everyone here at the OTW office: What are the best gifts you’ve received, and what is on your wish list for this year? To round out the list, we asked our advertising partners to recommend a few more gift ideas, and then sorted the list by type of angler.

We hope the end result is as much fun to page through as it was for us to put together, and that you’ll find the perfect gift ideas for your fishing buddies… and a few for yourself. Make sure to take a look online at the printable checklist —don’t be shy about marking your favorites and leaving the list where Santa and his elves will find it. View Guide

Download Your Gift Guide CheckList – Click Here