Gifts For The Fishing Gadget Guru

Tech-savvy fishermen like to be on the cutting edge of what’s new. These gifts will help them use technology to have more fun and catch more fish.

The Fishing Gadget Guru

The Fishing Gadget Guru

Weego 44 Jump Starter
The Weego 44 Jump Starter eliminates the need for jumper cables, bulky jumper packs or calling for a tow. This compact kit fits into an easily stored pail, and jump-starts any vehicle, car, truck, boat, motorcycle or ATV with a gas engine up to 6.4 liters. It also provides a fast charge to phones, tablets and other portable devices.

Tauten LineWelder
Attach hooks and lures with ease using the Tauten LineWelder, a handheld, battery-operated device that bonds 10- to 12-pound-test monofilament and fluorocarbon, and also 10- to 50-pound-test braided lines in less than a minute. The molded-in-place polymer sleeve produces a strong joint that does not decrease available line strength.

KNEKT KSD6 6-inch Dome
The KNEKT KSD6 6-inch Dome dramatically improves underwater image quality by moving the waterline away from the lens. The field of view is increased by over 30 percent, and the minimal focal distance is improved by nearly 50 percent. In addition to improved underwater use, the KSD6 can capture images both above and below water simultaneously.

GoPro Hero 5 Black
The GoPro Hero 5 Black adds features like voice control, a two-inch touchscreen display, video stabilization, and a waterproof design even without a housing, making it the most advanced GoPro yet.

Cuda Connect
The Cuda Connect attaches action cameras to a Cuda tag stick or harpoon to allow for unique underwater perspectives while fishing. It’s compatible with WASP and GoPro cameras.

Line Cutterz Ring
The sleek, adjustable Line Cutterz Ring has a double-sided blade that’s perfect for quick and efficient cutting of monofilament and braided fishing line.

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