2013 Fishing Fiction Contest

It’s time for the annual On The Water fiction contest! Submit an original short story relating generally to fishing or with fishing as a unifying theme and the winning entry will be published in the March issue of On The Water. Need greater incentive? The winner will receive a premium rod & reel, along with $100 worth of fishing lures! Submissions should be a minimum of 1,500 words but no longer than 4,000. The deadline is February 1, 2013. Please be sure to include all contact information and email your entry to Kevin Blinkoff at Kevin@onthewater.com. Good Luck!

Bob&Andy December2012
  1. carl wangler

    farther has gun in case theres threashers or some other sharks who might want to investigate just called for assistance they have chumed water for sharks,and they just caught the lead wire and dakron in motor from a catch thats been cut loose.dad has 38 revolver stop a shark in its tracks.kid got the snips out and almost has it off.


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