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Captain Tags 60,000 Fish

In July 2014, Captain Al Anderson of Rhode Island reached an incredible milestone when he tagged and released his 60,000th gamefish, a striped bass measuring 25 inches and weighing nearly 6 pounds. Capt. Al Anderson has been marking… Read more →

MFR_1158 copy

Steelhead Firsts

Chris lifted the 11-foot fly rod and the tip came to life as a steelhead at the end of the line shook its head to rid itself of the chartreuse Estaz fly lodged in its lip. Then the fish turned and burned down-current, ripping line off the reel. Read more →


Product Review: The TUHK Rule

Ice fishermen can use this handy invention to save their tip-up line and spools from nicks and abrasions that can cause frustrating break-offs when the big one finally comes calling. The Original “TUHK” (Tip-Up Hook… Read more →


The Pickerel Back-Up Plan

The fishing on Saturday was terrible—two ponds, seven hours and one tiny bass.  I almost stayed in Sunday, but when I considered that it might be one of the last above-freezing, open-water weekend days left,… Read more →


2015 Boat Buyer’s Guide

Whether shopping for an 18-foot skiff or moving up to a 44-foot sportfisherman, boat buyers can expect improved technology, manufacturing capabilities, performance, fit and finish in 2015. The result of these innovations is a tremendous opportunity for new boat buyers to invest in a boat that will provide great returns on the water. Read more →


My Favorite Fishless Fishing Pictures 2014

It’s mid-December, the days are short and cold and fishing opportunities are few and far between, which has prompted me to review the past season’s fishing photos. Of course, the grin-and-grab pictures of memorable catches brought a… Read more →

Big Jim Fee works the shadowlines of a South Jersey span during the wee hours of November 30th.

Back on the Bridges

(above: Big Jim Fee works the shadowlines of a South Jersey bridge in the wee hours of November 30th.) Facing into the blustery west wind 40 feet above the inlet, I felt cold. And nostalgic. It… Read more →